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We specialize in developing meaningful content programs, purpose-built digital strategies and progressive technology platforms. We provide the strategic know-how to elevate brands above the clutter, and the operational acumen to create a framework for sustainable growth.

  • Dame Media


    Dame Media is a strategic agency providing a range of scalable and customized solutions for our clients. Specializing in custom content programs, digital strategy and interactive marketing, we leverage our deep understanding of audience, media and market opportunities to develop comprehensive digital strategies for brands.

  • Dame Media


    Our expertise is rooted in Content Strategy, Content Creation and Publishing Management, with work spanning across both business-to-consumer and business-to-business platforms. And we don’t stop there - our business model allows us to provide complete Digital Services, from User Experience to Design to Technology Development for our clients.

  • Dame Media


    Dame Media's deep network of centrally-managed resources serves to provide clients with a seamless approach to content marketing: top-notch talent, comprehensive experience and cost-effective solutions that make publishing an integral part of your brand’s marketing strategy. In our model, we bring in the people we need, when we need them. So we don't incur the kind of overhead (or bureaucratic delays) that the behemoth agencies are forced to pass on to their clients.

  • Dame Media


    We've worked to build strong relationships with some of the top experts in their respective fields – we’re talking world-class journalists to ground-breaking technologists and more – allowing us to tailor each project for every client and shape the best team possible.


      creative design masterminds

      "We design and develop interactive solutions for web and mobile. We are branding experts with experience in product development, business development, marketing, integrated campaigns and executions in print, packaging, audio, video."


      user experience champions

      "We start by understanding business needs and then gather and synthesize information about users to provide system designs that meet users' needs and expectations."


      social and experiential wizards

      "We put clients face-to-face with the people they want to speak to most. We plan and activate grassroots marketing strategies using social media, experiential, and guerilla tactics."

What We Do

Digital. Social. Mobile. Real World. That’s a lot of communication channels. These near-limitless options can present brands with major challenges in connecting with audiences. Enter Dame Media. We develop relevant, contextual and meaningful digital solutions to fill that space with content that matters.


telling the story

Content Strategy & Planning+

As a publisher with the soul of a marketer, we understand the flexibility, nimbleness, quality and speed at which content lives in today’s digital world. Our expertise lies in our ability to align brand content with an audience's lifestyle. In other words, we make sure the content you create is actually something your user wants to consume. Our work begins with a view through the consumer lens and then applying editorial best practices to your brand’s message. And like it or not – 24/7 media is here to stay. Planning for the new world of always-on content across multiple platforms, our methods incorporate response to real time news, social networks, and editorial calendars. This allows us to help brands break away from a traditional “advertising” model and move into a world of continuous conversation, keeping your audience engaged.

Content Creation & Management+

We are experts at creating perfectly bespoke content that people actually want to engage with. From blogs and branded editorial to infographics, newsletters, and videos, we develop a brand’s tone, topics and editorial point of view. Our team of content pros then translates that framework into entertaining, shareable and useful content that speaks to directly your audience while still delivering the brand story. And we can manage the entire workflow. We seamlessly integrate with clients as their virtual content department - taking care of scheduling, editing, posting, and distribution - allowing clients to focus on their core business and not content management. And we promise not to use the word “bespoke” again.

Content Marketing+

A great content strategy defines what story you want to tell, but it's the content marketing plan that determines when and where you should tell it. We work with clients to develop brand appropriate channel strategies to ensure how and where audiences consume the content is aligned with the content itself. We consider the context in which the target audience will view the content, the appropriate objectives for each channel, how they will complement each other and how to sustain a continual conversation with your audience.


the brand foundation

Competitive Analysis+

Today’s digital landscape is noisy - there’s an endless crowd of brands, voices and channels available to consumers. Finding your point of differentiation has never been more important and this begins with a thorough competitive analysis. We work with clients to identify trends in their industry, their own strengths and weaknesses and the features and functionalities employed in competitor’s sites or content. This approach provides the insights needed to build a competitive edge when designing a digital product position and plan.

User/Audience Research+

Launching a successful website or content plan begins with understanding the target audience. Conversations work better if you know who you’re talking to. We work with clients to define the audience landscape, needs, perceptions and typical experiences for the potential user. Our goal is to embed our team into the audience’s mindset with a core focus on process, emotions and challenges – ultimately informing what users want from your site or content and how best to give it to them.

Brand & Product Positioning+

We believe brands are personalities that people should want to get to know – it’s our job to help tease out that personality and introduce it to the audience. Without handing out sticky nametags. Through our experience in launching new brands and products, we have developed a framework for discerning market position and carving out the unique and meaningful attributes of that personality. We then use this knowledge to develop memorable ways to bring the brand to life and impact audience perception.


the digital presence

User Experience/Information Architecture+

Our approach to user experience is to advocate for the end users needs first, because no matter how great your product or content, if users can’t find what they are looking for their experience won’t be successful. The adage “if you build it, they will come” is from a movie, guys. It’s not real. So, from site map to user personas to wireframes we ensure that there are the optimal routes to your content without compromising on design or technology.

Visual Design+

Sites are not effective unless they’re elegant, simple, and intuitive. Design for design’s sake is not our approach. (“More whitespace”, anyone?) Great design puts user experience as the foundation, and becomes a natural extension of the brand. Our goal is to make the experience of visiting a site or consuming content effortless, intuitive and immersive for the user. We accomplish this by using the brand essence as the cornerstone followed by intelligent, creative and modern design principles.

Technical Development+

Whether building an e-commerce site or employing basic CMS for a blog, our goal is to create a platform that is scalable and stable. This allows you the flexibility to continue to expand your site’s features at a comfortable pace and add to it as new technologies become available. We don’t want to have to tell you in 6 months that, “Uh, nope, it can’t do that. We’ll need to start over.” We are well-versed in the technical development of just about every type of site, from custom backend platforms to open source technologies, with experience in Magento, Wordpress, Drupal, ASP/dotNET, PHP and mobile (both responsive and APPs).

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